Hailing from Akron, NY (suburb of Buffalo) Noreika began his career as a guitarist for a number of Heavy Metal & Thrash bands. Some gained regional notoriety and others never left the basement. Through the years, the daily band rehearsals turned into only twice a week, then to  once a week, then to once a month. It seems that life crept up and changed priorities for Noreika and the other band members. Eventually being in a band faded into memory. Playing guitar for the joy of it became the norm. Gone was its importance as a career - it had turned into a hobby. To Noreika, this alternate path wasn’t empty or hollow. Quite the opposite, it’s brought him love, a Wife, a Son, a reasonable pay check, and many things he wouldn’t have known otherwise. Still, he missed doing the job he loved - performing music. That being said, it was his, then 4 year old, son that keyed him into the fact that something was missing. 

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One morning Noreika was ​complaining under his breath about business attire, while ironing his clothes before work, when his Son said, “will you play with me?” Noreika tried to explain that he had to go to work and that he would play when he returned in the evening. His son looked up at him, slightly perplexed by the explanation, and said the words that changed everything, “Daddy, I wish you could be a songwriter so you could stay with me instead of going to work”. That was it (after Noreika wiped away some tears). That was the motivation he needed. The motivation he silently longed for. The giant kick in the pants that only a 4 year old could provide. That evening, after he tucked his son into bed, he began writing, composing, and practicing. He knew that being in a band was tricky and wrought with obstacles. So a decision to go solo was made.

Of significant importance was advice he received from his good friend and one time band-mate; Joe Goretti (drummer from AJR Brothers, Robyn, Ne-Yo, Moby, and many others), "Do it with no expectation of fame. Do it because you love it. Do it because it makes you happy. Do it because it's who you are. Do it solo and be in charge of your own destiny". With that as inspiration, it began. A three song EP, METACOUSTiFOLK was recorded and released to much acclaim. 

2016's follow up; Throw the Switch to Begin, hit the ground running with even more metal inspired, acoustic folk rock, with stirring melodies, thought provoking vocals and a certain vibe that only NOREiKA can provide.

Now - Noreika presents: BoXaRoX. A departure from the full band recording of the previous EPs by stripping down the music to the bare essentials of guitar and vocals. A singer / songwriter approach with Noreika's twist of metal inspired acoustic rock.